Some questions always come up again. We have answered frequently asked questions and answered:

Stand construction and technical services

Have you checked the box "Order for a 230V AC power outlet" on your registration form (page A2.1 under the item Electric power outlet)? Then you do not need to take any further steps, your connection will be provided by our service partner.

If you didn't check any box or you chose the box "We do not require electric power" you will get no electrical connection.

If you want to add an AC connection now or if you need a three-phase current connection, please order here.

order electricity supply

Stand boundary walls (mandatory) will be erected based on confirmed stand size and type (EUR 21,00 per running metre plus VAT).

Have you checked the box "We do not require stand boundary walls" on your registration form (page A2.1 under the item Technical information)? Do you want to change it now? You can also communicate your needs to us here:

order mandatory walls
Water connections must necessarily be ordered here via the online shop. Although you checked the box "We require a water hookup" on your registration form (page A2.1 under the item Technical information), our service partner needs more information to provide the adequate installation for you. Please order here.
order water supply


Please follow the signs for parking lots for cars, buses, trucks, or RVs.

There is a parking fee during an event. But it is free during setup and dismantling periods.

No, reservations are not accepted.
Visitors and exhibitors use the same parking lots.

Yes, you can order a multiple-entry parking permit, valid for all lots for the selected category, such as cars.

order parking tickets
In exeptional circumstances there are parking spaces for refrigerated trucks/lorries on the exhibition grounds. We allot these multiple-entry spaces on a first-come-first-served basis, based in availability, but you do not have the right to any space.

The use of these spaces is subject to a fee and necessitates an application in advance.
order special parking spaces
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